Sunday, January 27, 2013

Portrait Session - Arius Photo, Hudson Valley, NY

Photography has taken many twists and turns over the years and some styles make it through, and some styles are gladly left in the past.  Those of you who were old enough in the 80's certainly remember Glamour Shots.  Those horribly lit studios with a cheesy old guy telling you that the pink boa is just perfect, and if you could sit your chin on the back of your hand, everything will be great!
They were horrible back then and they are horrible now.  But what they did accomplish, was getting women in front of the camera, feeling good and honoring themselves.  Taking time out to say, you know what, I am important and I deserve something for me.   Even today, we are so comfortable behind the camera, but the second someone suggests they get in front of the lens, the excuses come out.  You know the ones, "Oh no, I'm not photogenic"  "Oh no, I need to loose 10 pounds first"
"Oh no, my arms will look fat"  "Nope. I don't have pictures taken, I take them."

I have heard so many lame excuses come out of women's mouths and I am not having it anymore.
We are beautiful.  We are women.  We should be celebrated.

So I started a new Glamour Portrait Series.
For real women.  For mothers.  For sisters.  For wives.
Professional Hair and Makeup, Wardrobe and Photo Session.

This is Laura.

To book your own Glamour Portrait Session at my studio in Kingston, head over to my website



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nordic Games

They call it the Nordic Games.  There is axe throwing and nail hammering and a lot of cold beer and this year it even snowed.  It's a birthday celebration and a good excuse to be outside at night in the winter.  It was way too cold to have my camera out but I managed to snap a few and Dave got one of me in the middle of the axe toss.   I missed.


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