Sunday, June 10, 2012

June is my month

June is my favorite month.  Maybe it's something in the name.  Maybe it's just meant to be that way.
Life has been wonderfully busy and as Big Thing Number 3 is testing our patience of just blurting it out, I have been staying away from this here blog in order to not spill the beans and jinx everything.  So for now I will appease the silence with pictures of May's adventures.

 All photos taken with my iPhone.  Gosh I love that little camera I mean, phone.


Camping with the raspberries.

My man has always wanted one so we got a Unimog.  It's pretty bad ass!

We got the garden planted!


Memorial Day

Taco Tuesdays!!

Indigo Moon is already 6 months! Amazing how time flies.

Bonnie Raitt Came to town and I got to sit second row.  
She played Angel from Montgomery and I can now die happy.  Very Very happy.

I have brought the paints back out.  These two had an interesting first date.

I'll be back soon.  Promise.


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  1. Hurray to your iphone...I use my iphone camera a lot too...I could not believe the kitty and the dog..the skies!! the bad ass car...looked like a beautiful May...Happy June to you Sam! xx


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