Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is patience really a virtue?

I am not so sure these days if practicing patience is actually good for you.
Big Thing Number Three is taking it's sweet time in allowing me to tell you all about it 
and it is nail bitingly crazy waiting for it....

So again, in the mean time, let us not dwell.
Let us look at pretty pictures instead!!  

I have had tons of photo shoots lately and, fortunately, the weather has been totally cooperating!
And it doesn't hurt that I live in one of the most gorgeous places to spend an afternoon with a camera in hand.  

This is Jackie.  She is a nanny, a good friend and came with me when I bought my last car to make sure I didn't do anything stupid.  She can handle four kids a hot coffee and a cell phone, all at the same time, without anyone getting hurt!  She rocks and she totally rocked out this shoot too!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! xo


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