Wednesday, May 16, 2012


There is a resurgence of many things going on around me these days and I am pretty sure that it's going on everywhere else as well.  And today that was confirmed by this blog post  over at Pacing the Panic Room.  It struck me in so many ways... as a photographer.  As a videographer.  As a child who loved her Instant Camera.  And as a woman who thinks of writing books some day, filled with the knowledge that I have picked up along the way.  And free stuff too... let's not forget the free stuff!

So with out further adieu, if this trailer speaks to you... go enter the contest!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Big Thing Number Two-ish

You can usually find me doing eight things at once.  
And this last month  has been soo incredibly busy like that.

Big Thing Number Two is being finalized next week and in order to not jinx anything, I am not allowed to talk about it yet!  But, oh, do I want to so badly!

I have still been making tons of jewelry along with my first leather bag, and have also been editing a wonderful promo video for Goddess! Girls.  I love that crew.  They are just so wonderful and it's been a pleasure working with them.

So here is a look at the past, oh, month or so?, in pictures.  Hope you have a cup of tea or coffee handy cause this might be a long one!


My birthday was last month and Dave gave me an amazing 100mm Macro lens that I have been playing with... finding the sweet spots!

I have had tons of  custom orders this month for jewelry.  
And all of them gave me tons of space to be creative with their needs!

There have been plenty of birthdays and dinners and hikes and gigs.

Although I do love being at home as well.

And I have also gotten back into sewing again.  And for the same reason I started making jewelry, I have started making leather bags.  That reason?  I can't find any that I like, so I might as well make my own.

And the finished bag:

 The buckle allows the strap to be adjustable...

These will be available for purchase soon.  As always, they are all one of a kind.
I am making big bags, small bags, camera bags, and wallets.  So far.
And they will each have unique pieces that make these bags far more than just purses.
I can't wait to show you all the details, but for now... I must not blow any surprises.

Happy April, now May!


P.S.  I did finally decided to change my business name to Samantha June Creative from Myriad Art.
Many of my web addresses will change over to that but the old ones will still link you through for at least the next year.  Some will take longer than others but if you run into any issues along the way, would you be so kind as to let me know?  Thanks!

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