Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I am so happy it finally feels like spring!  I have been working on so many new project ideas and this dash of warm weather is just fueling the creative fire.  I feel blessed.  I feel alive.  I feel loved.
I feel anxious to share all sorts of great news... but for now i must be patient.
All good things in all good time.



  1. Yes, the new header is lovely and i love the branch photo a lot. Happy almost spring! xx

  2. @Erin: Thank you so much lady! I love it too. Spring is making me feel super alive and ready to throw out the old and bring the new!!

    @Mona: I echo that emotion! I think the branch is my fav too. I love bringing the outside in. We don't have buds on the trees yet but there are little tufts of green sprouting up everywhere!


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