Friday, March 23, 2012

A Backyard Photo Challenge

I challenged myself the other day to stay in a two foot area and capture as many unique and different shots as I could.  All of these photos are from two challenges; one spot in the front yard, and one spot in the backyard.  It was an amazing exercise in awareness and focus.  You should try it sometime.

And now I am running off for the weekend... The Band has a show tonight in CT and tomorrow in NY and this cold didn't get the memo.  Hopefully  my fellow musicians don't mind the smell of garlic and echinacea.  I know I've smelled worse coming from them!

Have a beautiful weekend,



  1. Beautiful photos except the freaky eye one : )

    And have a lovely weekend...xx

  2. Such a nice exercise, I like to stand in the ugliest spot possible and do the same :) You sure live in a pretty place minus the scary man :)
    Have a good show...........xo Ro

  3. Thanks ladies! And as for the "scary eye man" picture, his mission that day was to find cool things that had been discarded, usually glass bottles, and happened upon a googly eye. And who doesn't love a good googly eye?


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