Thursday, February 9, 2012

a week in review

Between the Band and the Studio I have a been a busy busy girl.
Lots of making and taking of jewelry and pictures and plenty of dinners and friends
and not knowing where I begin and he ends.
Life is lovely here, even in the dead of winter.

::: Bitten Necklace in Coral and Sterling :::

 It is now in my shop here.

I am taking a limited amount of custom orders for this:
 and you can find it here.

I also made this out of Botswana Agate in greys and lavenders:
It goes perfect with a white button down.  It will be in the shop soon.

The band has been staying busy even in the cold winter months.  And as far as winters go this one has been pretty right on.  We have more 50 degree days than 30 degree days and that rarely happens.
We played a really good show this night:

I will probably make another video like this one with the audio recording.  Although I've been wanting to make a stop motion as well.  So many projects, so little time.


We have also started back up our weekly Potluck Dinners.  They are almost always on Wednesdays. They are always unpredictable.  They are always a lot of fun.  And I'm sure to always learn a thing or two as well as having a full belly.  It's a true win win.

And now I am off to a clothing swap with some great ladies.  Free shopping!!
It doesn't get much better.  And I heard someone is bringing three boxes of dishes too.  
That totally excites me. I can always find uses for mismatched pottery.

Is anyone on Instagram?  I'd love to see your view if you are...
you can find me at Evencowgirls/Samantha June.  Let me know you're out there!



  1. What a lovely post! You reminded me of the only Grateful Dead concert I attended in was sort of wild..for me!
    I am going to check out Instagram. : )
    Wishing you bliss all over! xx

  2. LOVE those Botswana Agates, the colors and stripes!!!! And, loving the "slice of life" pics! I've been following your lovely blog for a while, and I think this is my first time commenting, just wanted to say Hi!

  3. @Mona: I'm sure "sort of" is an understatement. I went to many, many shows myself before the ol Jerry passed away. It's like a family to me. And we still get together often enough... a lot of old head come out to our shows... say that we remind them of the Dead. It's quite a compliment as far as I'm concerned. xo

    @Sierra: Thank you thank you! I am so glad you finally said hello. Hi! I hope you reach out more often. xo


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