Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happiness is...

 I love going on drives with my love and stopping at our favorite antique stores.  We have a few favorite stores that always turn up hidden treasures and a few new ones that have popped up along the way.   We especially love little bottles and use them all over the house to keep plant clippings in, and feathers and bits of sticks and leaves that are found along the way.  But even as beautiful as the nooks and crannies in all of these stores are,  I am always just as happy to come home and enjoy our space.  A space we built together and love to be in.  A space that changes depending on our finds and our moods.  A creative space.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too.



  1. You are so lucky to have antique stores in your is probably a good thing we don't. I love all the plants in your windows!

  2. The Hudson Valley is a magical place full of Antique stores and I am very blessed to live here! We kinds have a thing for plants and those shelves actually span across both doors while the deck is being rebuilt. I'm going to miss having it there when the deck is open this summer.

  3. Your home and pictures are always o beautiful Sam, I like thrifting and antiquing too even if it's just to look around.
    Thanks for sharing....

  4. thanks Ro! I feel the same about your space...


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