Monday, January 9, 2012

A Winter Giveaway

When I decided that a Winter Giveaway was in order I tossed around a few ideas of what I wanted to do.  I knew I wanted it to be a big one.  Something fun... and easy. 
But I couldn't decide between a few things, so I said screw it, I'm doing all three!
That's right, Three Big Winners.
So let's get to it.

To Enter:

It couldn't be any easier.
Just leave a comment here on my blog
or on my Facebook Page 
telling me what you think of New Years Resolutions.
You must be a 'Follower' of my blog or a 'Fan' of my FB page to enter,
but both things are super easy to do.  You just click a button.
:::there are directions below if that is all giberish to you:::

I will use some sort of clever way to randomly pick the winning 3some 
that may or may not involve a random number generator.

You have until this Thursday, January 12, 11:59PM to enter.

Would you like to double your chances?
Leave a comment on both pages.
It's still that easy.

What you will win:

O.K. so here is where it gets fun.  

The first name that I pull will win a 50% off coupon to use in my Etsy Store 
that is valid until the end of April.  Have your eye on something? Now's your chance to scoop it up!

The second name that I pull will win a Custom Made Turquoise Necklace.
You will get to choose from three different stones from my collection and I will do the rest.

The third name that I pull will win a Custom Cut Out Necklace 
in your choice of any design in my arsenal. Although I'm always up for new suggestions!

The drawing will be held at the end of this week.
Good Luck!!


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  1. Personally, I am not a huge fan of New Years Resolutions. I feel that most of the time they are not followed through with &/or broken. While I do agree that it is wonderful for us to set goals for ourselves, who says we have to wait until the end/beginning of a year to do it? Set goals anytime, for anything, and they're more likely to be fulfilled :o)

  2. I do not like them Sam I a boat or in a moat....with a mouse or in a house...well you get the picture....♥Sue

  3. I feel New Year's resolutions are a tradition. When I was younger I put great thought into it every new year's eve, and it was never to lose weight. As I got older I stopped caring about new year's resolution and thought of them as unneccessary and even silly. One year I was single and in a rut and decided I was going to make a resolution, meet new people and try new things. This resolution became a running joke between my best friends and I due to the fact that I am not exactly a people person and I tend to be stuck in my ways. I followed through and even when I was feeling shy, nervous, or even thought what I was about to do was dumb, I went through with it anyway. This resolution has taken me on amazing adventures across the country, to the land of goddess girls, and led me to the love of my life. I think the idea of starting all over again each january is a great idea, but my year long resolution has changed my life and I'm sure it will continue to effect me in more ways than I can count.

  4. I love the idea of new beginnings, the start of the new year is exciting and full of hope. Xo's

  5. I never liked New Year's resolutions.
    So I don't make them.

  6. What do I think of New Year's Resolutions? I think they're baloney (bologna?). Mostly because I never stick w/ mine...BUT this year I WILL. This year is a year of change within myself and it all starts today. I can't wait. :o)

    The name this is posted under is, this is ~SaRaH~ May.

  7. Resolutions Rock! (also, so does this giveaway! nice work sam.) Even if they're small, or lofty, or just plain weird... at least something to chew on for awhile....even if you don't do anything with's the idea of change.

  8. I think new years resolutions can be great! I take it as a life to do list in fact...I checked one thing off my bucket list which was to live on a tropical island...but as for resolutions....Do more yoga, eat local down here, take up glassblowing, and wake up everyday happy and try to appreciate the lovely life I seem to have fallen into...

    miss you lady lady...your necklace is down here on Tortola with me...island love! xoxo

  9. Leyna: Welcome! Thanks for joining us! Personally, I'm not a fan of them either.

    Sue: OMG!! Haaahahhaa. You're too much.

    Avari: I'm so glad that you came out of your shell to show the world your quiet beauty. It was a pleasure to meet you last month and I'm glad you're here!

    Shannon: Me too. I love change. I seek it out.

    Cinder: Me too. Never have.

    Sarah: I'm going with Baloney. The kind that sticks to the wall when you throw it.

    Erin: I'm glad you love it! It's my pleasure.

    Lauren: Tortola rocks!! Did you know that my two best friends went to Vet school in St. Kitts? I have been snorkeling all around Tortola and love it there. You make me want to go back!

  10. i love new beginnings, although i dont have a concrete "resolution" i know i wanna break some bad-ish habits and meanwhile have the most fun building the life i love. happy 2012 ya'll!!!!
    <3 molly or jelly roll (FBname)

  11. I have never made a new years resolution. never been let down. I do however try to make my life exciting and challenge myself everyday. I stick to day to day resolutions. I change my mind all the time so a year resolution doesnt quite fit:) thanks for the giveout sam. I love my necklace you made for me for christmas. what a sneaky man tom is. Hope Dave is enjoying his extra big press pot. lol xoxo

  12. out with the old and in with the new...Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. Understanding the true meaning of this is so important. Everything in our world moves faster and faster every year that we sometimes forget about what is actually happening now. We make new resolutions and leave old ones unsettled. Instead of adding more resolutions, moving faster with less time, we should take a moment and be still. So I guess my resolution is to be still, remember who I am, see myself in everyone else. & if I add anything new to my life it will simply be more love...

  13. im not the biggest fan of new years resolutions. i do support making changes to better your life - 100%. i just dont like that they have to start on the first day of the year specifically. i like to wake up every day and hope to better my mind, body and soul - and carry it out through all my days.

    on a side note, your work is absolutely fabulous and in 2012 i will definitely purchase one of your pieces, regardless of the contest! thank you for making the world more beautiful. ♥


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