Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's a Start

I am seriously loving 2012 so far.  It's been full of photography and video making which is quickly taking over my days and nights.  My jewelry studio is calling to me but only in these hushed little whispers that don't want to disturb a furiously working mind.  The Band had a show last Saturday and I took so much 1080HD footage that my dreams have been overtaken by it.  Seriously... I am always holding a camera in my dreams and lately I have been editing life size video tracks with a sharpie and an X-acto knife.  It's really bizarre.  The worst part is that I have to literally pick them up and move them around and they must be at least ten feet tall to my five-not-even-one-foot short.  At least I'm not exhausted when I wake up.  

It finally snowed here.  And we went to eat at our favorite place twice.  Because we love it.

Their coffee makes the best patterns!  Must have something to do with the creamer....

 You have never had fresh fruit until you've had local honey and fresh mint on it. Trust me.

The chef smokes his own meat and put together a Charcuterie  plate of five of them. Along with roasted garlic that spread like butter, Kalamata Olives, and locally made smoked Gouda.

And these Chili Garlic HOG Wings that were just shamefully amazing.  Fall off the bone.  Now I don't eat pork like this, but The Man made me try it and it was just sinful. 

For anyone who lives in the Hudson Valley, please do yourself a favor and go try Cafe Mio in Gardiner.  You will not be disappointed.  And they make fantastic Blood Orange Mimosas, too!

 I have been enjoying the warm and coziness of my studio this winter.  Since I moved out of the Cabin Mansion and into The Man's house (have I mentioned that yet?) I haven't had to deal with not having walls.  I loved my old studio because it was huge and I could spread out, but it was on the top floor and was an A frame.  Which meant that I had about 60 square feet of unusable space behind all my tables.  And I don't need that much open storage!  It's been nice having walls again.

It finally snowed here!  It's been absolutely the warmest winter I can remember.  Last week was 50 degrees for the most part and that's been the norm.  And then it finally did it's January dip and we got a nice beautiful layer of snow!  It makes picture taking so much better. Everything glows!

He loves that spot.  He sits up on the window seat in our bedroom, amongst the plants, and watches the River.  His name is Chopper but we call him Abe Lincoln.  He is the most gentle dog, and when he looks deep in your soul, you can feel him speaking to you.  He is that once in a lifetime kind of dog.  The one you will always talk about and compare other dogs too because you just can't help it.

This is his view.  It's our backyard.  We are fortunate to live right on The River.  And we have geese and Gulls that love to tease the dogs.  There used to be deer as well.  Until my hounds moved in. 
And that changed real quick.

We have five chickens.  Well, four and a Rooster, but Pepe is so tiny that he is barely a Rooster.  And he doesn't sound off very often so it's hard to tell that he even can.  He is a chihuahua in a land of Great Danes.  A grape amongst Watermelons.  A lonely man in a sea of lesbians.  You get the point.
Chickens eat things during the warm weather that help them lay eggs, and in the winter you usually switch over to different food.  Well this winter has been so warm, that they just keep on laying eggs!  Even this morning with all this snow on the ground I found three gorgeous eggs.  Love it!

I think I need to go start another video. 
I really should be in my shop but I am on such a video kick it seems like all I can think about. 
Ok, here's my compromise.  I will finish this Paisley necklace that is almost done, and have pictures taken to post tomorrow.  And then.... I get to play with video.  
Done. Deal. Go play!

Do you guys make deals like that with yourself, or I am I just really that all over the place?



  1. What a great post Sam! I'm so glad you are enjoying life, and your images are awesome as always. I had a dog named Moses who was a gentleman to the end. I loved that dog!, but Roxy is right next to him in my heart.
    I truly enjoy your positive take on things!

  2. Thanks Shannon. Those good ones never leave, do they?

  3. I do make deals like that with myself all the time... : )
    the food looked incredibly yummy
    love your new and expanded studio...and I did not KNOW...congrats...may it be way more than what you expected it to be
    congrats on the snow... I never forget the feel of the first snow

    enjoy, enjoy xx


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