Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pick your Poison

I've been wanting to make a Poison Ring for a long time but hated the idea of a visible hinge.
So during long drives and long waits I have been making this work in my head and now it is finally made and here and I love it!
It is now available in the shop along with a few other new pieces.




  1. I like your poison ring, practical as I am I would stash an aspirin in there . Good to see you Sam! xx

  2. Sj....i think it's wonderfully sweet with the little flyer on the side...glad you got it figured out without the hinge...they can be very distracting. ♥❥

  3. Thank you ladies. It's nice to be around for a moment. December is hard... it's the busiest month for me! xo


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