Friday, November 4, 2011

Tricks and Treats

This Halloween we found ourselves throwing a little get together and using it as a big excuse to fire up the Whorecker.  (pronounced: hore- ker  not whore-wrecker)  The Whorecker is a huge smoker that DB made.  It's beautiful and amazing and fits a whole lot of food in it.  For this party in particular we smoked pork loins, ribs, whole chickens and beef brisket.  It was so good.  Meat smoked at 200 degrees just falls off the bone.  It's so satisfying to watch people try smoked meat for the first time. The flavor is like none other, and it's so juicy.

The men had the food taken care of so I decided to bake.  Which I never do.  And now I remember why.  You have to be pretty exact, and it takes a long time, and there is so much sugar involved it really makes me uncomfortable.  I much prefer cooking.
But in the spirit of Halloween I made Caramel apples, whole and slices, and Buttercream Cupcakes with Cream Cheese icing and many different toppings.   I'm not a big eater of sweets so I only sampled just a bit of each, and I must say, they were really good!

The Band has a show tonight that we've been gearing towards for a few months now.  It should be a pretty big night... I'm excited.  I tested my new lens in the low light of the practice room and I absolutely love it.  I even took some video and made a little 2 minute teaser for our fans.  I love the way the 50mm lens picks up the light and how much easier it makes it to change focus.  I'm in love with a lens.  There.  I said it.  I'm not taking it back.

And for your viewing pleasure:

 have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Looks like a wonderful evening - our best friend built a smoker at the beginning of summer, so we have spent the last three months smoking everything you can imagine (I think the night we christened it there may have even been a few chocolate chip cookies wrapped in bacon). Break a leg at the show - love the jam session:)

  2. Oh boy you really know how to live it up! It looks like a grand time was had by all including your adorable dogs.

    I've had a hankering for carmel apples lately....well one anyway :)



  3. Where did you get that awesome apron? Looks like you had a great feast!

  4. Susie: Chocolate chip cookies wrapped in bacon?!? Oh gosh, I'm so doing that next time!! Fantastic.

    Ro: Do it! I forgot how absolutely divine melted caramel is when it melts in your mouth.

    Shannon: Hmm.. I don't remember. Maybe Anthroplogie? or Pier One? Either way, it's my favorite! I love it.


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