Thursday, November 10, 2011


There is something really comforting and wonderful about ammonite fossils.  They are among my most favorite stone to use.  I always buy both halves.  I don't think I have ever just bought a slice.  Following my mantra word of 'Balance' it is only fitting that both halves should find their way to me every time.  They make wonderful partner gifts.  This belt buckle was a custom order for a dear friend who wanted to surprise his girlfriend with not only the gift of the buckle, but the knowledge that he has the other half.  That he is always with her, mirroring her, and protecting her center, her balance.  That he is the perfect compliment to her every way and shares her many depths.  That he speaks the same language. I mean, after all, is that not what real love is about?
Finding your equal partner?
Finding your match...

I am so in love with love.  I have always been a hopeless romantic.  I like to watch strangers in love and teenagers flop about in the shallow puddles of it, wondering what it feels like to be fully submersed.  I love the hope of it, the endless, undying passion of the high.  The grounded forever of the promise of it and what it does to the right people.  The desperate search for it even has a soft spot in my heart.  To watch others go through the longing, the looking, the critique of it.  It comes to each of us differently and some are gifted many times while others go a lifetime without.  Without that true, matched, requited love.  Not the lust of the physical that misleads too many into the trap of confusion, but the real kind.  The stuff songs are made of and bullets are taken for.
The kind that makes us able to conquer the world with a pocket knife and half a turkey sandwich.
I am blessed to have so much love in my life and feel lucky everyday to have such an amazing relationship.  But I also know what it is like to be in horrible ones too. 

I feel like this has been a year of clarity, of awareness.  More so than normal.  I feel the tingle on the horizon and I see the future in the stars.  I have hope for an awakening, a rebirth.
Whether individually or globally, right now or a year from now,
I embrace the change that will come.
I have learned how to love fully but even more, I have learned how to be loved.
And love is all you need.

have a lovely weekend.



  1. I love the idea and you did a beautiful job, remarkable work Sam, remarkable!

  2. Ammonites are my favorites too and I like that you buy them in pairs. Nice guy giving such a lovely present to his love.

    I am a sucker for love too...need nothing else besides it.

    Hope your tingle in the horizon becomes a glowing sun! xx


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