Monday, November 28, 2011

It is the time of year when people start to shop for the holidays. 
And stress about shopping for the holidays.
And talk about how much they hate the malls.
And all of sudden a joyous time of year turns into a hassle, and a burden and a stressful event
that ruins childhoods and collapses societies.

Well, don't do it then, I say.
Don't buy mass produced products from China that come in pretty packages in bulk stores that you aren't even sure the person is going to open and use, much less enjoy.

Skip it all and buy Handmade. Buy used. Buy vintage.
Or don't buy at all. Make!
Make something that comes from the heart and you will quickly see a difference in the day.
As an artist it is very easy for me to say that, I know.
But if you're not artistic or crafty, and don't know someone who is, 
go check out your local antiques store.
Support your community by supporting local businesses.
It is constantly said, and rarely followed.

I took a trip to my favorite antiques store, where they know me by name, and it took me very little time to find gifts for just about everyone I shop for.  Get creative.  Write a list of names and say them in your head as you look at things.  Something will jump out and surprise you.
And if not, buy handmade!!

Happy holiday season. 
It's really all about the love to me... not the gifts.
And creativity holds hands with love in my house.
It's really quite beautiful.
Try it.



  1. You are so right Sam! I love Christmas for that very reason, LOVE.

  2. HEAR HEAR! Amen, sister. The LOVE is what it's all about....people tend to forget that this season is to show love, not BUY love. GIfts should be a part of you, giving a piece of you is the BEST gift!


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