Thursday, October 20, 2011



Some of the guys in my Band live in Rhode Island and we have our  practices there quite a bit.  Everyone lives close to the beach there, frankly because RI is only so wide, and during the day we sometimes get the chance to slip away for a bit and head to the beach.  There's nothing that comes close to the feeling I get when I take that first step onto sand.  The instant sink and swoosh of my foot hitting the sand is an instant rush of warm memories and as my skin starts to feel the stickiness of the ocean air, I am already feeling a connection with Pachamama that I remember I forgot about by living in the mountains for so long.  I have lived near the shores a few times in my life and it's the same then as well.  I love it, but still need the balance of the trees, streams, mountains.  I know that I am a beach girl and a mountain girl... a country girl and a city girl.
I live for that balance.  My best memory of youth was the day I realized that I didn't have to pick just one in order to be happy.  That I could be all of the me's that I am.  That, not only could I wear many hats, but I could make them with my own hands, and sell them in my own store, and wear each one on the day that I saw fit.  Life dishes out so much change.  And changing with it is the trick.  Only allowing yourself small moments to be surprised or resistant, and then bending, shifting with it.  If somebody threw a monkey wrench at you, you wouldn't stand still just because you already had been for a while.  You would move out of the way.  You would adapt.

I am going to spend this week not letting any monkey wrenches give me a black eye.



  1. : )
    I can relate....have a great weekend soon!

  2. thanks mona! so far so good....
    :::fingers crossed::::


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