Monday, October 10, 2011


I love the Fall.  I love the way the crisp air makes you alert and aware.  I love the smell of the brittle leaves when they crack and crunch and the last of the lawns being cut.   And I love that the mums bringi in the last of the scents of summer while carrying the coats of Autumn.

I love dressing in layers and being able to wear my boots again and pulling on my winter gloves.  I love fires in the wood stove and fresh fallen leaves.  I love apple cider doughnuts and hot toddy's and curling my feet underneath me as I listen to him talk.

I love packing up my summer clothes and reliving the memories of smashed fingers and big stages and rhode island.  I love the way my food gets thicker and my drinks get hotter.  I love the way the condensation gathers in the corners of the window as the sun comes up and we're drinking coffee and going to yard sales.  

What do you love about Fall?

Happy Autumn.



  1. carmel apples and indian summers....

  2. I love most of what you loved..the smells, the sights, the air, the lights, the colors, chemical reactions in the leaves, but I don't really enjoy packing summer clothes : )

    Happy Fall Sam! xx

  3. Me too, I love all those things, still waiting though, 95 today :(

    Enjoy, Ro


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