Friday, September 16, 2011

Tonitrus Fulgoris

I believe in many things that I can see, feel, even touch.  And I believe in some things that I can't.
I believe in things that don't really fall into either category and things that sometimes land in both.

I believe in the mysteries that send young children into wild fits of thinking and dreaming up
ways for them to be possible.

I believe in the way thunder crashes and lightning strikes.

I believe in the way a dog circles endlessly before curling up at night.

I believe in love and the beauty of life.

I believe in moments of pause and reflection and 
I really believe in never being in such a rush that you don't have time to kiss a boo-boo
or watch a bee in flight
or grab your camera when the beauty of life calls.

 and most of all, and yet the hardest to come by, I believe in patience.

I look for signs everywhere, and the signs of Autumn approaching are waving their arms back and forth and squirming in their seats.

The air here is turning from muggy to crisp and the grass stays wet a little longer these days.  The flowers are finding their way back into the earth and the birds sound a little more desperate.  I've been wearing my favorite layers and pulling on my boots with a little more regularity.  And my color choices have deepened, darkened, become earthen.
My coffee turns to tea more and more and more my music takes on a more melancholy tune.

Autumn  is my polar opposite, my perfect balance, my warmth before the chill.

It's the only reason I can tolerate it's nasty step-brother, Old Man Winter.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



  1. CRASH BANG!!!!!! I love it!!!!!

    my little dog does not :(

    Have a superb weekend SJ


  2. Happy Autumn almost! as for the thunderstorms...i quite love them.

  3. My goodness...I don't think much mesmerizes me the way lightning does....xx


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