Thursday, September 8, 2011

How the West Was Won, Part Three

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It's Saturday morning around 10:30am and I am woken up by an unfamiliar voice.  I know it is 10:30 because this voice is telling me so, and loudly, through the thin material of the tent we were, as of recently, asleep in.  He is not so kindly informing us that the spot we had chosen for the night, will belong to someone else in fifteen minutes and they are parked at the front and waiting for us to leave.  Ready, GO!  So we took it like champs and split duties.  He made coffee and fed the dogs, and I would pack up the blankets and tent.  Yes, coffee is important.  Don't ever question that again.

So we made it it no time flat and even politely told the gentleman, who was now parked 5 feet away in a huge RV staring down at us like we were ruining his entire vacation, to have a wonderful weekend and to take care and don't get bit by any snakes, and that kind of nice stuff.  We were on our way to Yellowstone anyway, so who cares about that.  There was a Frontier Village Museum of sorts just down the road and we wanted to check that out and take some cool photos.  It was incredible.
We are in outlaw country and Jesse James and Billy the Kid and Buffalo Bill and how cool is that?
And life is good.


Very cool place to visit if you are ever in Cody, Wyoming.  The little old couple that takes care of it are as nice as can be and so we decided to hit the antique store that we passed and grab some lunch before the hour drive to Yellowstone!  It just so happens that the place we wander into was built by Buffalo Bill for his daughters and still has plenty of original details inside.  The back wall of the bar had amazing woodworking that they just wouldn't do by hand these days and yet, back then, that's all they did.  It's amazing, thick, strong construction and such attention to hand carving details.

The antique store brought both of us good luck.  An old Remington typewriter for me and a cool old lantern for his growing collection.  I met the cutest GSP named Maggie which made me stop because I have a friend at home with a Pointer named Maggie, too.  

 We finally head out of the good town of Cody, Wyoming on our way to Yellowstone! and hit the tunnels that take you through the mountain and then along this amazing glacier fed Reservoir.

 We see a bunch of kids cliff diving at the first pull off and so we figure it can't really be that cold and maybe we should pull over somewhere and let the dogs out and give it a try!  And so we do, and it's beautiful out and there is amazing driftwood everywhere and it's like inspiration central, so we collect some to take home and life is good.

And it's finally time to pack up and drive the last forty minutes to Yellowstone! and say goodbye to this magnificent place and so we do and life is good.  We start out on our way and are picking up speed and reveling in how well this trip is going and how much we love each other and we get about a quarter of a mile? down the road, just over the crest of this hill:

and he just pulled out in front of me.  I had so little time to react and he panicked and then we crashed.  The front of my truck hit just behind his drivers door.  I'll save you from the pictures of the wreck, even though you know I took some!  All in all everyone is ok, because we're all alive.  My boyfriend's left kneecap is shattered and he just had surgery, my right thumb is broken (no!! not the right hand again!!), and the driver of the other car had some broken ribs and bumps and bruises.  And, the 8 month old in the car seat in the front, was totally unharmed.  Holy s*%#t.  Yup, breathe.  Wow.

So, needless to say, we had to turn around and head back in a rental.  Vacation over.  Knee surgery pending.  Dogs, shaken but ok.  Me, shaken but ok.  Him, knee busted but ok.  And so we made the  most of our trip back and stopped at all sorts of places and took just as many pictures but just not so much walking.  They always say that you can't control what is thrown your way, but you can control your attitude afterwards.  The way we handle life's events is what makes us who we are and I can say that I am very proud of who He and I are.  We are a bumped up, but we are ok.  And we will be ok.
And life is good.

 and when we think back on that day, we remember the good day we had first, not the accident.  Now that it has been a few weeks, and he's starting to heal from the surgery, I can say that it has made us stronger.  It has changed my perspective on some things and cemented some I already had.  It forces me to see in a different way and look both ways twice.  Even though it wasn't my fault and the other driver took full blame right from the beginning, I still go through the normal cycles of self-imposed guilt and questioning and what-if's and I stop myself after not too long, but it does raise some questions about belief.  That not everything happens for a reason.  That, yes, sometimes there are just accidents. That no matter how super human you feel, or lucky you've been for this many years, sometimes, accidents just happen.  And I'm ok with that.  And life is still good.

and even with his knee shattered and in a brace and on crutches, 
he makes sure my windshields are clean.


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  1. Samantha- thank God you are all saw some beautiful places...I went to yellowstone 20 years ago or even longer than that...I love western high country skies...thank you for visiting me...I hope you heal well. xx


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