Wednesday, September 21, 2011



We don't plan on brewing any beer this year, but hops are such neat little pods that grow on beautiful climbing vines, so some was planted along the fence line and allowed to grow in whatever direction they pleased.  Picking them felt so much like berry picking that I almost popped a few in my mouth. 

They smell wonderful and, when used properly, taste even better... I love hoppy beer.  I love the richness and the bitterness and the deep caramel color.  I love the way it makes me feel.. 
but only in moderation. Ha.  
I love Pale Ales, and IPA's, and double IPA's and Imperial IPA's.
I love deep, rich stouts and porters with hops and malt.
I love good beer in general.  What a great invention from such a funky little pod.

These little guys remind me to always look beyond and further into things that could bear art in any form.  Whether it's beer or jewelry, photography or cooking, even plants and gardening.  The materials that present themselves can be used in so many different ways.  The design is in the details, how you use what you have.  The art comes in the eye that sees things, not for what they are, but for what they could better be.  What they always dreamed they could be.  
Not what they were always told that they were.

I think I want to do a found object series.  My thumb is slowly healing and working in my studio has become less painful.  I should have a small update very soon.
I am trying to use my time wisely since the wreck.
It's amazing how your priorities and perceptions change after big events.  Life changing events.
I think this one will end positively.
And staying positive is key.



  1. You look like a cute injured couple on the way to healing...I love your pictures together.
    I had never seen hops.
    I will try to stay positive.

  2. SJ...Hops are beautiful...n'est pas? Cute polka dot boots!


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