Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Architecture of Beauty

 Last week I received an email from a Photographer named Tamme Stitt.
She wrote to me about an event that she throws called Goddess! Girls.
It is a basically a day of pampering, ending in a photo shoot, where each woman is invited to celebrate their idea of beauty.  It starts with a massage, then professional hair and make up, and then each Goddess is able to choose a ball gown or big princess dress or vintage dress to wear.  Some of them bring their own but most choose from the huge selection that Tamme brings.
And then that's where I come in.
She had never had a jewelry selection before.
And she told me that the next Goddess! Girls event was in five days and could I be ready?
Well heck yeah I could.

Let me tell you, I am truly blessed to have had a small part in the revolution called Goddess! Girls. I only supplied the jewelry, but I was made to feel just a special as all the ladies who got to be pampered all day. Not only can I not wait to go back, I might just sign up for a session myself.


The staff that Tamme has involved in this revolution are so super fun and so amazing at what they do.

The first stop is Christene Spiezeo for a massage.  She is one of those naturally funny people who doesn't even try.  She makes you feel at ease and comfortable right away and is such a great way to start the day.  And she is known to put on a few of the gowns throughout the day as well!
If you live in the Hudson Valley are in need of a massage, please click on her name (or here) to go to her facebook page and find out how to schedule with her.  

Then each Goddess moves on to hair and makeup with Adrienne and Gina.
These ladies work so well together and kept me laughing all day.
They talked with each woman to find out what sort of vision they had for their photo shoot and then got to work to make it happen.  Even the ladies that started of super nervous felt at ease after these ladies did their thing.  And they can dance!  Oh, the 80's songs we relived via Pandora.
If you live anywhere near the Hudson Valley and are ever need of having your  hair or makeup done, I highly recommend both of them.

You can find Gina, here, for makeup

 and Adrienne, here, for hair.

After they choose their gown and jewelry each girl has a private photo shoot with the amazing Tamme Stitt.  Tamme is an inspiration and a blessing.  She is real, and raw and beautiful.  She knows how to find the beauty that women wished they had, and show them that it was always there.
She is humble and funny and passionate.  She is truly gifted.
And really good at avoiding being in front of the camera.

You can link up with Tamme on her facebook page, or her website, and on flickr too.
And you can check out Goddess! Girls here.
It is such a unique idea for a bachelorette  party or a private girls night.  Or as a gift for your mother who never pampers herself or needs to be reminded how beautiful you think she is.
A Christmas gift for you and your best friend.
A new mother.
Your grandmother.
Your daughter.
Your wife.
You get the point...

I can't speak highly enough about my experience with these lovely ladies.
As the last Goddess was finishing her photo shoot, we decided to join in the fun and all put on our own gowns.  Big crazy gowns.  And then the makeup went on, and went on, and got out of control. 
I blame it on Eye of the Tiger rolling out of the speakers, coercing us into bringing back the 80's.  And by the time Cyndi Lauper came on, the eye makeup was over the top, the headbands were coming out and there was a playground outside that had our names written all over it.

photo credit: Tamme Stitt Photography

photo credit: Tamme Stitt Photography

Photo Credit: Tamme Stitt Photography

Photo Credit: Tamme Stitt Photography

I would have totally stopped for us....


Friday, September 23, 2011



I think the artichoke is in my top five favorite all around vegetables.
In taste and in beauty.
Love love love.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

::::Turquoise and Sterling Necklace::::

Yummy Green Turquoise necklace in oxidized sterling silver with lots of little details.
A story of three's.
In the shop today.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011



We don't plan on brewing any beer this year, but hops are such neat little pods that grow on beautiful climbing vines, so some was planted along the fence line and allowed to grow in whatever direction they pleased.  Picking them felt so much like berry picking that I almost popped a few in my mouth. 

They smell wonderful and, when used properly, taste even better... I love hoppy beer.  I love the richness and the bitterness and the deep caramel color.  I love the way it makes me feel.. 
but only in moderation. Ha.  
I love Pale Ales, and IPA's, and double IPA's and Imperial IPA's.
I love deep, rich stouts and porters with hops and malt.
I love good beer in general.  What a great invention from such a funky little pod.

These little guys remind me to always look beyond and further into things that could bear art in any form.  Whether it's beer or jewelry, photography or cooking, even plants and gardening.  The materials that present themselves can be used in so many different ways.  The design is in the details, how you use what you have.  The art comes in the eye that sees things, not for what they are, but for what they could better be.  What they always dreamed they could be.  
Not what they were always told that they were.

I think I want to do a found object series.  My thumb is slowly healing and working in my studio has become less painful.  I should have a small update very soon.
I am trying to use my time wisely since the wreck.
It's amazing how your priorities and perceptions change after big events.  Life changing events.
I think this one will end positively.
And staying positive is key.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Tonitrus Fulgoris

I believe in many things that I can see, feel, even touch.  And I believe in some things that I can't.
I believe in things that don't really fall into either category and things that sometimes land in both.

I believe in the mysteries that send young children into wild fits of thinking and dreaming up
ways for them to be possible.

I believe in the way thunder crashes and lightning strikes.

I believe in the way a dog circles endlessly before curling up at night.

I believe in love and the beauty of life.

I believe in moments of pause and reflection and 
I really believe in never being in such a rush that you don't have time to kiss a boo-boo
or watch a bee in flight
or grab your camera when the beauty of life calls.

 and most of all, and yet the hardest to come by, I believe in patience.

I look for signs everywhere, and the signs of Autumn approaching are waving their arms back and forth and squirming in their seats.

The air here is turning from muggy to crisp and the grass stays wet a little longer these days.  The flowers are finding their way back into the earth and the birds sound a little more desperate.  I've been wearing my favorite layers and pulling on my boots with a little more regularity.  And my color choices have deepened, darkened, become earthen.
My coffee turns to tea more and more and more my music takes on a more melancholy tune.

Autumn  is my polar opposite, my perfect balance, my warmth before the chill.

It's the only reason I can tolerate it's nasty step-brother, Old Man Winter.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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