Monday, August 1, 2011

What's a GMO?

I like to watch movies more than TV.  I like to watch certain kinds of movies.
Informative ones.  Beautiful ones.  Ones don't talk down to their audience.
Ones that make me think. Ones that raise awareness. 

I also read certain blogs for those same reasons.
There is one that I have grown quite fond of for many reasons.
It's honesty, it's insight, it's amazing photography.
The author's name is Ryan Marshall and his blog is Pacing The Panic Room.

I agree with Ryan on many of the points he brings up, usually working them out while he writes
and his points are often well thought out, even as he questions them and his intentions.
He recently wrote this post about a topic that I have thought a lot about.
Even though I am not a mother, I have friends that have children and I often get
caught up in discussions about how to live outside of the proverbial box whilst still living
in mainstream society.  And it's not easy.

And then he just posted this one too and I felt compelled to share 
this trailer for a very important documentary that
is trying to be born.  It's about an issue that a lot of people are completely unaware even exists.
And yet effects their every day lives WAY more than they even realize.

Please take a minute to watch this trailer and if this is something that already concerns you,
or something you are hearing about for the first time,
please do what you feel is necessary to learn more and spread the awareness.
I will keep my own heavy opinions to myself on this one... this time.


  1. Great post SJ I always order my seeds from "Seeds of Change" and yes I did know that Monsanto is the Devil!!


  2. They sure are!! Even what they are willing to put in print is amazing. They have no qualms about talking about world domination through our food sources. Unbelievable.


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