Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It only comes once a year

I love the County Fair.

It is something that is common in every small town, outside of every big city, and 
a has become quite a tradition in the summer.

It's the only time I ever crave a corn dog smothered in mustard and get to
watch my friends and strangers putting down deep fried oreo's and funnel cakes.  

I love to go on the upside down rides and feel the butterflies in my stomach as I spin and spin
in youthful wonder, giggling the whole time.  


I equally love the simplicity of the Ferris Wheel and it's sweet, romantic quality
and seat built for just two.


I love the fun houses with the crazy mirrors and the hustle of the barkers 
luring you in to waste your money on stuffed animals that usually end up as dog toys.  




And I love to people watch there.

I take pictures of friends and strangers alike.  I love to see what faces people make when they're
thinking or watching someone or admiring something.
I love to see the way the colored flashing lights bounce off of my surroundings
and illuminate the bubble of summer that is the County Fair.

But the fair around here means that summer is winding down and that is always a harsh
reality for me.  I love the summer and it's freedom and all the hustle and bustle and people
out and doing and talking and living and blooming and sharing.
It seems that as the leaves die, so does the enthusiasm for most people.  I know that
winters are hard here in NY, and every time we get hit with a bad one it makes it harder
to love winter.  But Spring is my absolute favorite season, so at least there's that to look
forward to in the dead of February, right?
or Costa Rica....

get out and go to the fair!



  1. Gosh your pictures are stunning you captured the essence perfectly!

    Those fried concoctions are fascinating including funnel cake.

    Glad you had a good time.

  2. Thanks Ro. It was a blast.. and I don't know how people eat those fried things. One look and my stomach turns in knots!


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