Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Make me a poster of an old rodeo...

Do you ever have a day where you have so much to say
that you can't say anything at all.

Yeah, me too.

There is a music video coming soon...
Most of the filming is done.
The editing process takes the longest, but is the most fun... for me, at least.

And The Box is on it's way to its new owner.
My good friend Jackie asked myself and a fellow artist to collaborate on a jewelry box
for her newborn niece.  So we did, and it's beautiful.

I loved everything about the process.
I don't often collaborate with other artists, so it was really nice for me to 
talk shop and run ideas with another like minded person.
You can find more of his work Here.
He not only does amazing wood working on this small scale, but he builds
in large scale too. A master carpenter.  He also paints, does metal forging,
and large sculpture.
Super talented.
Take a peek at his website for a look at his work.

Hope you have a great week.



  1. Your pictures are always so plush looking, very beautiful! The box is also rich and lovely. Wishing you a great week too! I have very little to say today, I think I am tired. xo

  2. Thank you so much Mona... and yes, it seems to be one of those days. let's take it easy, yes? xx

  3. What a beautiful pairing of artisans...and lovely keepsake. I wonder if the jeans truck runs?

  4. I think you said a lot and I loved every image. The jeans shingles are amazing they tickled my fancy.

    That jewelry box is really something special what an amazing piece. I ADORE it!!!

  5. thank you ladies!
    And, yes, the jean truck runs! It was at a car show near by and they all got driven in and driven out. I mean, every square inch of that truck was covered in denim. everything!


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