Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just be.

I love taking walks through the garden and seeing the daily growth.
From week to week the huge jumps are amazing.. almost unbelievable.
Everything is starting to produce and it's so exciting to see 
the fruits of my labor. ha. (sorry.. couldn't help the pun!)

These are the first things that I have picked out of the garden!
4 gorgeous cucumbers!!  I planted two different types, one that is best for
pickles and one that is best for salads.  They are huge and amazing!

I often take walks out to the wildflower bed that I planted next to the driveway
I have realized that sometimes there is too much of a good thing.
The seeds are so tiny and little and spread so easily, that I may have used too many.

It is a sea of green... 
some look like they might turn to flowers, 
some look like they are just weeds and grass, 
and choosing what to pull out is just too confusing.

So I've let it go.
And grow.
And grow.
And do it's own thing.
And letting it figure itself out has been hard,
but I think sometimes it's the best way.

 I realize that you can nurture something with the best intentions, 
watch over it and make sure everything is perfect.
Pull out the bad parts so that only the good is present.
You can give so much that sometimes it's too much.
Sometimes just letting things figure themselves out, leads us to the beauty we 
were always looking for.
 Beauty is not made up of only the good and perfect parts..
it's made up from all of it, the good, bad and indifferent.
We need all of it.

 Everything is everything.
And growth has it's own way,
it's own path,
it's own viewpoint.

And when left to just be,
to figure out it's own way,
the beauty can be small and simple,
and largely astonishing.

Just be...
And you will grow too.



  1. My goodness...I never see as much plush green as I see in your photos...Beautiful! : )

  2. Wow things are sure growing at an accelerated pace. Now it's our turn to gape at the green with envy, it's beautiful! I have cukes coming and one tomato nearly finished add some goat cheese, rusky bread and some basil and I'm in heaven too.



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