Friday, July 15, 2011

Angel From Montgomery

So... I made a video.
Purely for fun.
I shot all the footage and
did all the editing, too.
And it's actually me singing 
with my band.
It's a recording from a festival we played in May.

Again, it's purely for fun while my finger heals,
but I thought I'd share
it with you. 

Angel From Montgomery - SML from samantha june on Vimeo.


  1. Wow, you have got some pipes on you:) Really dig the song and video, when they were giving out talent you must have gotten in line twice. Off now to check out your band, wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. Girl you got it going on! I love this song and seeing your neck of the woods. Way cool Sam! xo

  3. Thanks ladies... it was a lot of fun to make. Gotta keep busy so I don't tempt myself into the jewelry studio too soon. uggh.

  4. My goodness, you have some voice! Lovely!

  5. Awesome Sam! You do the song proud, and the video is great too. I especially like the cemetery at the end, I love old cemeteries.


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