Friday, June 3, 2011

Spring showers bring may flowers

What a wonderful week it's been.  Everything that was brown is finally green.
The early Spring flowers are in bloom and all my perennials are proudly showing 
their new buds, just waiting for the heat of summer to show their beauty and grace.

Remember that flower bed on the side of the driveway that I tackled last week??

It has so many little wildflower sprouts!

And the rose bud is doing really well too.  It's perked up from the trim I gave it and is
growing really quickly.   The skies turned to sunshine this past week and I finally got my
dirt delivery for my new raised veggie beds.  Next week will be about adventures in 
Backyard Farming and an Etsy update!  I've been busy busy building and planting and
making new designs and rings and necklaces, oh my! This weekend will be for finishing up
this new batch of pieces and custom orders and photographing everything for next weeks
series and updates.  I can't wait to show you everything I've been busy working on.

This huge area has been transformed into my self-sufficient veggie garden. I don't plan
on buying one single vegetable this year!  And I planted enough to have a bulk of my crop
donated to shelters and soup kitchens and given away to friends.  It's all in the pre-planning
and I did plenty of that while the Northeast was battered with rain over the last few months.

I'll have some early salad veggies in a month and then everything else in planted in 
four week intervals so there is never too much at once.  And I practiced companion planting
for everything to cut down on disease and bugs.  Next week I'll show you the steps I took
for this years adventures in Backyard Farming.

I remember being a teenager and driving in a car packed with my friends, and driving under
a train trestle while the train was speeding by above us on the tracks.  We always swore that
it was good luck and there was even a ritual of kissing your hand and then pressing it
on the roof of the car.  It was a big deal to us then. Not because any of knew why we did it,
but simply because we all just did it, together.  It was our thing.  And the other day it was
absolutely beautiful out, I had the sunroof open and the tunes loud,
and I happened to drive under a train trestle while a train was barreling
down the tracks.  It reminded me of my high school years and I felt my hand instinctively
reach up to my lips and accept a kiss of tradition.  As I pressed my hand up to
the roof of my car I smiled at the simplicity of it.  At the instinct of it.
At the memory of what once was and sometimes
still is.

Enjoy your weekend! I'm looking forward to being in my studio for mine...


ps.  just discovered this here and i love it.

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  1. Those flower pics look surreal! I love your gardening plans and wish you a great weekend! Enjoy and thank you again! xoxo


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