Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I spend a lot of my time outside, in the flower beds and the veggie garden.
I spend a good amount of time upstairs in my jewelry studio.
And just as much time is spent away from home, traveling about, seeing and playing music,
hiking, soon to be biking (I found my new dream bike today!), taking pictures, etc.

But as much as I love all of these places, and we all have them, 
everyone needs a sanctuary.
A place to go and unwind.
Where there are no distractions... just thoughts, and views, and beauty to look at.
A place to relax with our thoughts, our morning coffee, our newspaper, after a hard day.

There are just as many places that make up sanctuaries as there are each one of us.
We all have our own versions.
At least... hopefully, everyone takes the time to have one.

Mine is in my home.
Kind of.
It's attached to the side of my home in the form of a screened in porch.

It's gone through many changes over the years that I have lived here.
It's never been made to be pretty, although it has the most potential.
It's long and narrow and spans the longest length of the house which, thankfully,
is on the Southern exposure side.
I've always loved this porch, and spend a good deal of time in it,
but because of the heavily used front porch, it gets very little attention.

It's where I usually take phone calls, and have my morning coffee
because I can see the pond from there, and the veggie garden, and pretty much
all of the back yard.  I can see the sunset and the moon from there.
The dogs love to lay in there when the summer sun gets to hot.
And it's bright and warm in the day and gives a cool cross breeze at night.
It really is a great room with so much potential, and even though it's not been made 
"pretty", it has always felt good to be in there.

So, I decided that it had been neglected long enough.
I pulled out the broom and the shop vac and gave it a thorough spring cleaning,
complete with de-spidering and de-bugging.
I brought in some old pieces of furniture that didn't really have places to be truly admired.
I bought a few plants and took clippings from some I already had.
I cut a bunch of flowers from the garden,
added some crystals and candles and within a few hours,
it was now visually the sanctuary
that it had always been to me.
It now looked it's potential in the eye and said, "Trust me, I'm beautiful".

I re-potted some Oregano that is doing really well!  It smells fantastic when the sun shines
and the breeze blows.  I also re-potted a tall cactus that I've had for years.
I also bought this great little succulent that has maroon vines and little jade-like leaves.
It's smooth and begs to be touched.

I bought a couple of trailing plants in purple and green combos.  One of them I've never seen before.
It has tiny clusters of yellow flowers, similar to baby's breath, but yellow.  It's fragile but sturdy.
I love it. And there's an ivy plant that has great purple outlining.
Much cooler than our grandma's  plain 'ol ivy.

I always snatch up interesting glass bottles when I'm at the antique store or flea markets.
They come in handy for all sorts of things.  Flowers and plant clippings are two that make any sanctuary feel cozy and romantic.  Especially as the sun starts to go down and
shine in through the trees.

 My Gerbera Daisy's are super happy after some seaweed/ fish emulsion fertilizer, and a little
dead heading.  I always notice that the day after I pull off the dried up blooms, the new stalks
shoot up a couple inches seemingly overnight.  The plant doesn't have to waste it's time anymore
on feeding something that is dying anyway.  This is true for most things.  If it's done, get rid of it.

As the sun continues it's decent towards tomorrow, the old bottles come alive...
their colors dance like fire and spice and
oceans after a nightcap.


And just before the Blue Hour, everything glows and sings and stretches it's last sigh of today.
Shadows dance and tempt, telling the secrets of their neighbors recipe to those who pay attention.
And I feel their strength in my sanctuary,
as if they were always here.

I hope you have a place to go.
Whether it's a spot under your favorite tree in the park.
Or a cozy chair in your favorite corner of the house where you can curl up and read
or stare out the window.
Or a rocker on your front porch where you can watch the day start up or
wind down, like a familiar friend coming thru the door.
One of mine used to be at the kitchen window.
Where ever it is, I hope it welcomes you like your favorite shoes.
I hope it lets you breath inspiration into your day and
shows you a moment of pause before tomorrow.

If you don't have a place, a get-away,
a sanctuary,
there is no time like the present.
It doesn't take much.
Mine cost $40 in plants.  I had everything else I needed around the house.
You just have to look.
You can find a spot no matter where you live.
Make a spot.
You'll love yourself for it.
All it takes is a chair, or a pillow to sit on, or a stool, whatever.
And anything that makes you feel relaxed...
a piece of art, or some plants, maybe old bottles with clippings,
a radio, an old crate with books or magazines in it.

It doesn't matter what you put there, as long as it's purpose is for you to sit and relax.
It sounds so easy, but I know that for me, having a good head space is the key
to a good productive day.  And having a good head space starts with how I spend
the first ten minutes of my day.
By making myself sit and process the day before and the day to come,
looking around me at the beauty that surrounds,
it gives me the good start that I need to have a productive and positive day.
It sounds so easy.
But do you do it?
You should.
You deserve it.



  1. Wow...lovely photos...you do have a sanctuary! A southern exposure porch! I am afraid that I don't have one, I am pretty sure that I don't. I do hide sometimes in the library...wonder if that counts! : )

    Happy Wednesday to you! : )

  2. If it makes you feel good... and relaxed... then it counts! looking forward to tomorrow.


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