Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A petticoat of wildflowers

We are finally getting some sunshine in the Northeast
and it's so nice to be this close to planting my veggie garden.

I love walking around my property and seeing everything changing,
growing, stretching towards the sun.  Taking on bold colors like a new dress
with matching shoes and earrings.  I cleared a nice spot along the edge of the driveway
to plant a bold batch of wildflowers.  This spot gets great sun but it was covered 
with weeds and leaves and rocks and sticks. I spent an afternoon clearing out all 
the debris and rocks and turning the soil.

There are plenty of large rocks all over the land so a border was nice and easy.
While I was clearing out these weed flowers:

I stumbled upon a beautiful surprise.
Someone had planted a rose bush at some point and over time
and from neglect, it got swallowed up by weeds and leaves and
couldn't be seen at all.  It was pretty mangled and had some scgraggly branches
and a few were so bent that they needed to be cut off.

 I gave it my best surgery and then some base support
 with a circle of rocks, compost, and mulch.  It immediately started
perking up!
 Nature makes me happy.

I also added some Russian Sage along the far edge that will have large,
long, beautiful purple flowers and the leaves smell like cleansing sage.

Then to keep the dogs out, I added a cute little white picket fence.
I only needed to shield the top half and side because of where the dog's
invisible fence hits; they can't get to the other side very easily.


A healthy scattering of wildflower seeds and it's good to go!
I can't wait to see what the rose bush does... 
I would love to have some big smelly roses.
And the wonderful thing about this flower bed is that all the seeds I scattered
are perennials and local to my area.  I think that's an important thing for the perpetuation
of the life cycle between us and the bees, birds, flowers and veggies.
They will all work together to continue to reseed the bed and grow back every year.
I would love to have some bee hives eventually.  The bees are important.
There is a movie coming out soon about the amazing work of the bees.
The trailer alone makes me want to go out and  get some hives.

Whose with me on the bees? 
We can take turns trading honey recipes!
Like lavender honey, and chamomile honey, and chipotle honey...


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