Monday, June 6, 2011

A Handful of Treasures...

I have a few new pieces to share with you this week.  

This first one is a gift for a friend of mine who is having a baby.

She is represented by the butterfly, her baby is the peridot on her wing.
Her boyfriend is the Ammonite fossil, which is fitting as he is very into
Sacred Geometry and the Fibonacci sequence.
And his daughter that they take care of  is the Aquamarine crystal.

I also need to add the chain to the left and right loops at the top.

I also added a hand cut sparrow on the backside.  And this one got two stars!

:::Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Necklace:::

20 gauge layered sterling silver with faceted Garnet eyes.

I hand made the toggle clasp and added little moonstone cabs
to each end.

::: Grateful Dead Lightning Bolt Cuff Bracelet :::

Sterling Silver, Turquoise Cab, Hand cut 13 point bolt, Faceted Pink Tourmaline
and the entire first 2 verses of Help On The Way hand stamped inside the cuff.
::: from 'Paradise waits' to 'she can't be outdone' :::

 I made a Turquoise Knuckle Ring a few weeks ago and it was sold right away
but I got many convo's and emails asking if there would be any more.
So here is another one.  It will be listed in The Shop later today.

::: Turquoise Tough Mama Knuckle Ring :::

Sterling Silver and Freeform Turquoise

::: Paisley Portrait Necklace :::

20 Gauge layered Sterling Silver, hand riveted Smokey Quartz,
tube set Peridot and 2 Hottie Sapphires. 

This is the necklace I wear.  I don't believe I ever shared pictures of it...


I read an interesting comment thread recently about a product that I use
everyday in my studio.  I find it completely necessary to do a good job.
These artist were talking about how they never use it and don't see the point of it.
It got me thinking...

more on that tomorrow.



  1. You reminded me of a grateful dead concert I went to while I lived in DC...what an experience for someone who didn't know anything about them... : )

    you have me curious- what is it that you use and others don't?

    Happy Monday Sam- lovely pieces! xo

  2. Mona- haaha... a big long post about that will be up tomorrow. but here's a hint.. you could use beeswax instead!
    I went to many a show in DC at RFK back in the day, and yes, if you don't know what you're in for, then you're really in for it!

  3. That's right, RFK...seems like eons ago!
    I know Kerin uses beeswax to carve molds, make candles...I would use it to stick things together...I will read tomorrow xo

  4. So beautiful. I can't wait to be wearing that piece with the love and good energy constantly seeping right through to my heart. Thank you. Love u.

  5. Gosh SJ you've been busy, I love all your new, unique and interesting pieces.

    Back in the day I knew someone that followed the Dead selling egg rolls at all the concerts.

    Congrats to your friend on her new arrival.


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