Monday, June 13, 2011

Growing, growing... Part Three

Part One is here
Part Two is here

Even though we have had nothing but rain since 'spring' started, we have had just enough
sun to keep most of my garden from sinking under.  The lettuce is not happy.  But everything
else is doing really well.  It's so nice to head out in the morning with a cup of coffee,
ready to weed, or pinch bugs, or be upset at some pest plant devastation, but there
hasn't been any yet!  Having raised beds is really nice.  

I haven't seen any weeds so far, and although I haven't been able to put up the fence yet,
everything looks great!  This dirt is just fantastic.  And I got way too much.  I think I'm 
going to bag it up and store it in the garage.  I'm sure I will come up with many places to 
use it in the future. 

In the mean time, my spring flowers in the flower beds are blooming and the summer
flowers are so close!  Purple Cone flowers, Russian Sage, Gerbera Daisies,
Black Eyed Susans, Basil, Yucca, Mint (in pots only cause it will spread it's roots
underground so fast you won't even believe it!)

I planted Red Velvet Sunflowers from seed that are local and they are doing really well.
There are about 20 in pots waiting to go into the ground, and there are already a few
doing well in my flower beds and a few in the veggie beds too.

This flower bed on the side of the house had about half of it planted last summer and it's
doing really well so far.  The Echinacea is getting big and bushy already and the
white and purple daisies will produce really well if you deadhead them religiously. 

 Those dead heads were plucked off right after I took that shot.  Be gone!

These are some wild daisy seeds that I threw out last summer and they are coming in
very well.  Really tall like in an English garden.


 The tomatoes are doing so well! Big and strong.  I made sure that I planted the stalk
a few inches below the dirt line it came with.  The key to good tomatoes is strong roots
and this one of the greatest ways to give them enough stalk to root with strength.

 The squash that I put in the ground and in containers are doing well too.  I'm kind
of surprised that the ones in the ground are doing so well.  But it's early.  We'll see.

These are the Eggplant leaves.  I have heard horror stories about growing them in
this area.  That's another reason I put it in a container... just in case!


 Nasturtium.. these leave just scream jewelry!



Butterleaf lettuce.  The starters I planted indoors are still ok, but moving slowly.
The seeds I planted outdoors haven't come up.   If they don't soon, I am going to 
scrap that area and make room for my potatoes and onions.

 Arugula that just sprouted.

 Carrot sprouts!!

 The dill is doing well as it's own plant and as a pest deterrent.

Oh the cucumbers!  They are reaching out and stretching their tendrils towards the
twine I gave them.  They are big and strong and fuzzy and I am so ready for them!

All the corn sprouts came up!  They are big and strong already.  And the sunflowers
at the end are all sprouted too!

The Purple Hyacinth Bean on the arbor is doing well on one side but not so great on the other.
It's still early so I'm going to keep my eye on it. 
It loves to creep and twist and grab onto the wooden supports like they were built
for each other.  The little purple flowers resemble tiny orchids and the little purple
beans just totally trip me out!
They're amazing and beautiful.

 The Blue Heron has been around almost every day.  I tried to grab a good shot of him
but this camera has no zoom, so it was nearly impossible.  The pond was uber green
today.  It gets so lush and thick so quickly.  I have a row boat on the side of the garage.
Once the lily pads bloom, I think I shall take a boating excursion out int he pond.

Back inside on a rainy Sunday, just a dribble of sun coming through the windows.
I can see through the rain, even though it's been pouring for months.
Every glimmer of sunshine makes such a difference in my day to day.
It's pouring out right now, but I think we are supposed to get a day or so of sun...
my lettuce is dependent on it!

to growth and sun and even the rain, too.
embrace it all.
and pay it forward.



  1. It is sort of incredible the way plants grow, your yard looks like the magic kingdom...I am hoping that you get sunshine xoxo

  2. It truly is magical... and kingdom, for sure! ;) xo


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