Saturday, June 25, 2011

Adventures in Backyard Farming- Part Four

I like to watch.
Bird watching.
People watching.
Garden watching....
it's the learning and stretching and growing that I'm drawn to.
It's the figuring out.
It's knowing that there are willing participants and unwilling factors that
all have to be in a silent agreement to participate
in order for things to work.
It's like watching a baby take it's first steps...
holding your breath, waiting, leaning in,
It's like watching a flower unfold it's petals into the morning sun for the first time...


Watching my cat, Aslan, find the patch of catnip I planted for him...
He holds guard for most of the afternoon, catnapping next to the planter for most of his 
sun filled day, yawning at the birds to stay away, 
going back up for one more sniff...

Despite having more days of rain than sun since I planted the garden,  most everything
is doing really well.  The tomatoes are getting big and strong.  Their stalks are huge
and sturdy, and their branches are strong and fuzzy.

The cucumbers are doing really well, too.  They love the twine lattice I made for them to
climb on, and they use it to their advantage, climbing up to keep their fruit off the dirt,
safe from bugs and disease. Smart little plants they are.

My big and little peppers are doing well too.  The oldest ones are just starting to show
little clusters of what will be fruit soon.  And the youngsters are getting taller.



The Nasturtium are doing their part as well.  Getting big and bushy and keeping away
unwanted pests.  They really do tell me everyday that they want to be made into rings.
I just might have to oblige. 

The squash are growing their big yellow flowers, which soon will bear the beginnings of 
the gourds.  I'm not a fan of squash or zucchini (I know, I know) so these will be part
of my giveaway crops.  I'm glad they are doing so well....

And I am going to have plenty of corn this year, too!  That makes me so happy.
Grilling corn and then rolling it in white mexican cheese (I forget what it's called right now)
 is so amazing!  One of my favorite restaurants in NYC serves it and I'm 
going to be making it at home all fall!!

And the found rose bush in the front wildflower bed is loving life!
He's growing new branches rapidly and the existing ones are stretching up and up
reaching for the sun they so desperately lacked in previous years, covered by weeds and
leaves and overgrown yuck.

I took a bike ride through the neighborhood today, during the hour that it didn't rain,
and explored the swamp across the street.  It's such an amazing, lush, green, beautiful
and yet, scary place.  It looks like you could just glide right across the thick
surface, but then common sense takes over and my feet stayed put on the edge.

I'll show more of my swamp adventures another time... for now,  I want to get back
outside while the rain is subsiding.  I hope you have a wonderful, sunny,
productive weekend.


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  1. Gorgeous green shots each and every one. Your garden looks amazing. Mmm the berries. Thanks for sharing, It looks like you had a very fine day.



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