Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sometimes the sun comes out... briefly

I went to visit some of my favorite friends yesterday.
They have a gorgeous daughter and are expecting another child in december.
They are full of light and already glow, but this new arrival will have them
in a whole new bounty of love.

They have a park across the street that, despite all the rain we've had,
had plenty of spring life showing that, it too, can prosper through anything.
Nature is amazing that way.


ok.. so Blogger has been weird for a couple of weeks now, and today it won't let me upload any pictures.
Hrrumph. That's a problem..
Hopefully they get it figured out soon, cause I have tons to show you.
We'll try again later.


and we're back...  oh, the interwebs.

The entire Northeast has been saturated with months of rain
preceded by an overwhelming amount of snow melt that caused most of
my area to flood.  It's been wet.
 We have had 3 sunny, warm days where it didn't rain since last fall. I'm serious. 3.
And I have taken full advantage of each one.
Tomorrow will be a half good day. Rain for only a few hours.

I will get my garden in this week, I swear.
Even if I have to put big clear tarps over all my beds so the rain doesn't kill
all the new little seedlings that are begging me to be planted.
I spent most of today putting in the beds, and the arbor, but more
of that later. Right now, we were talking about the park.
It's trying so hard to give off the air of Spring, but really it's
just winter poorly dressed up as a carnival.


 And here is my favorite smush face that is going to have a brother or sister this winter.
I am so happy for them and can't wait to photograph everything!

I seriously can't wait for another decent day tomorrow.
The dirt/compost is being delivered and plants can go in the ground.. maybe.
Maybe not until next week, but hurry up already weather!!
I miss your sun beating down on my shoulders
while I smell the tomatoes flirting with the basil.

Are we the only ones dying for the sun to come out?
I think it's even stopped raining in Oregon...



  1. : ) blogger problems, go away...

    although I have to accustom myself to rain I always appreciate the colors and the growth and the clean air

    wishing u more sunshine sj xo

  2. SJ....i had to write blogger about the problems i was having and they are finally told me i wasn't following any blogs...when I'm following wan't me to add them one by one to my list. My problems lasted a few days and i was beginning to think they weren't going to go away. Good luck with it!

  3. awwwww...thank u mama <3 it was so good to see you!!

  4. thanks ladies. It just miraculously starting working again late last night. At least I didn't have to start writing big nasty letters to some faceless dude at a desk. wheew.


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