Sunday, May 8, 2011

ferns and fresh eggs

There is new life everywhere I look.
There are new things blooming in my work,
in my relationships, in the yard and the woods,
in music and in family.

The buds are finally unfurling into leaves and flowers and ferns.
The woods in the back of my house eventually lead to a swampy area
that is overflowing with moss and ferns and 
big leafy, fuzzy plants that beg to be touched.

I sit and watch them, waiting for sudden movement.
A baby fern to uncurl itself, 
a frog bouncing from one puddle to the next,
little flying creatures that blend in so well they are heard more than seen.

I have ordered a rolling mill and I am very excited to put it to use 
with all these fresh organic materials.
Leaf pressings on ring bands, and veins of leaves creating linear patterns
twisting and wrapping, implying vinework making its way up a twig
reaching for a warmer spot.

Spring always brings about creative flow for me.
Taking an active part in planting, and cultivating, and watching life 
grow out of seed. 
Out of basic water and warmth come the fruits of our labors.
It's the same with metal work really.
Water and warmth.
Flux and fire.
Seeds and the sun.
Tomatoes on my tacos.

I am thinking about getting chickens too.
I would love fresh eggs, and chicken waste makes for great compost too.
There is something lovely and cozy about natural life giving in every way it can.
The cycle of cut grass and food scraps and chicken waste making compost that 
goes back into the earth to feed and nourish it,
and give us the gift of food and herbs and flowers.

Now if I can just figure out if my boys will let the chickens 
Or if they will see them as new squeaky toys.

He said he'll think about it.
I promised him a big bone if he behaves.
We'll see.

You think they would like a goat better?


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