Thursday, April 7, 2011

they're back!

I wasn't sure what would happen with the 
Beaver vs. Blue Heron
:::he is standing on the middle island:::
The Blue Herons have found a summer home in two dead trees on the backside of the pond.
They walk around on the island eating plants and bugs
and walk along the shores of the pond
fairly not bothered.
They have come accustomed to the dogs and know that a few feet into the water
is safety enough from those barking  hounds.
and then the Beavers came.

And Beaver's eat the same plants as the Blue Heron do.
So we shall see, i guess,
who wins out, or if they can co-habitate.
that is, until the Beavers are 'gone'.
I like to imagine them packing all of their things into a hankerchief
and attaching a stick to it, and 
whistling thru those huge front teeth as they march on down the street
looking for a new home.
Yeah, I know. 

They stand as if waiting.
and calculating an exact moment.
They stand is if they have no doubts.
No excuses, just reasons.

I think i need a ring with a Blue Heron on it.....



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