Friday, April 22, 2011

Pura Vida

Pura Vida literally translates to 'pure life'.
However, in Costa Rica it has even greater meaning.

Costa Ricans use the phrase to express a philosophy of strong community, 
resilience in overcoming difficulties with good spirits, 
enjoying life slowly, 
and celebrating good fortune of magnitudes small and large alike.

It is their way of life. 
And it is evident every where you turn.
Pachamama, or Mother Nature, has blessed this small country
with a beautiful countryside, amazing oceans, 
and lush jungles.
She has given them fruit trees and the lovely coconut tree,
and over 140 species of trees.
And monkeys! oh the monkeys.

I took so many pictures i think i shall separate them by color.

Today's color?
How about Orange...

Change is essential for my growth.
I find that even rearranging the furniture helps.
But being in another country is so extra stimulating!
It knocks down our walls and forces us to look at thing in a simpler way.

Even communication is slowed. 
You have to listen very closely.. even if they speak your language...
there is usually an accent to roll thru your ears
dressing up simple words in masks and feathers
making an old fashioned game of charades out of everything.

Our ride to the airport when we left was full of these games.
The driver didn't speak but 5 words in English, and most of us
could get by with our broken Spanish enough in town,
but this ride was something different.
We passed a gated community that was incredibly lavish for this particular area.
My friend commented as we drove by, pointing to the huge, locked, iron gate
and the tops of terracotta tile lined roofs,
with lush green front yards.
The driver started speaking very quickly and using his hands as he tried to 
explain to us who lived behind the large iron gate.
"Pelicula" i heard him say and then as my brain was trying to grasp some more words
he was already back to "Pelicula" repeating himself.
Well, i knew that that meant "movie" so i was then trying to listen for a famous
name or two.  He was repeating a string of words over and over again
and then my girlfriend yelled out "Passion of the Christ!"
and we all yelled, "Mel Gibson!"
and the driver clapped and nodded with excitement at being able to get his 
point across.  I was giddy with excitement!
I mean,  I could care less about a movie stars house, especially such lavishness 
in a land of simplicity,
no, i was excited that we had translated enough to simply understand each other.
Just a little effort put smiles on everyone's faces even through
a rough ride on their unpaved roads.

Most things in life just take a little effort.
A little push to get the ball rolling 
will do wonders for the bigger plans we store away for a 'better' day.
They say that life is not a dress rehearsal
and no words could be truer.
Each day is up to us to be the best one.
To be the most productive one.
To be a good friend, a good parent, a good child.
Especially as an artist...
there is no one to watch over my shoulder in my studio and make sure
i'm keeping on track, and meeting deadlines.
We get up everyday and do our best to get the ball rolling.
To be self-motivated.
To be the best us we can be.
And I'm doing a damn good job.
I hope you are too.
No time to be anyone's victim, including your own.
Only time to be a leader in our own live's.
We owe it to ourselves
to make ourself proud.
I hope you make yourself proud today.

pura vida.



  1. Amen sister, you seem to have been washed clean!

    Thank you for sharing these most lovely views and transcending me with your words.

    *Mel Gibson needs to stay there with the other monkeys :)

    I'm happy you had such a wonderful trip.

  2. Lovely post and that Ro is so funny!

  3. hello ladies.. i had such a blast i really think this whole week will be dedicated to costa rica! maybe the monkey pictures will be next!


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