Saturday, April 23, 2011

no caged birds here...

Pura Pajaro
:::pure bird:::

Green Turquoise, Iolite with hand cut Sparrow and filigree

This is one of many that i'll be posting this weekend.
It's so dreary and grey outside, that i keep bouncing from outside to in
in to out
hoping that spring will show it's bright face.
 there are a few blooms coming up
but they are so confused.

 i feel drawn to go to town and find some treasures
and i hate being on the computer on the weekend.
but i've been battling the sun with trying to get some pictures of these
new beauties for you, here and my shop.
so i'm letting both win.

for now... off to the antique store.
the bathroom on the main floor of my house just got a new floor, vanity and toilet
and it's all much smaller than what used to be there.
i'm thinking some old boxes and drawers will fill in the space nicely
and hold what i need
and any excuse to buy old boxes and drawers is always welcome.

and then...
more jewelry updates.

and perhaps a night out...

i hope you make the most of your weekend.



  1. thank you, thank you!! i really love it too... and it sits so nicely on the finger.


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