Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Knuckle Ring

I love things that drape and flow and usually those are the last two words
that would be associated with metalsmithing.  But sometimes we can
create things with movement even when made entirely of metal.
At least that's the theory behind this new ring and I love it!
I will definitely be making more of these.
Behold, the Knuckle Ring in Turquoise:

It says 'tough mama' inside the ring band and is a size 9.
This will be available later tonight in the Shop.

 i love watching the wind blow through the windows and set the curtains dancing.
The way they twist and breathe as they are beckoned to and fro
making no choice, only moving as they are told.

 I have a show on Saturday.
It's a benefit for a beautiful woman named Noelle who was taken from us too soon.
She is so very missed and there are many many good people who want to celebrate
her life and her love of dance, and so we are all getting together in her honor
and to raise money for the scholarship that was set up in her name.
It's nice to be playing my guitar again.
And with the group of fine musicians that I've brought together to play with me,
it's sure to be a fantastic night.

Remember that you are blessed in this life.
Always remember that it can change so quickly.
My mom always said:
"Be prepared. You never know if they'll get hit by a bus
or get on one."
And it's true. 
Life is full of changes and turns and I think the key to it all
is living with no fear.
Take everyday as time to become more of you.
You can only loose yourself if you let it happen.
You can only be a victim if you don't allow change.
There is no time for fear.
There is no time to be the victim.
There is only time for love and growth.
And tacos.
Have a wonderful weekend... 
i will be playing music for the rest of mine.



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