Tuesday, April 26, 2011

here comes sunshine

It was finally beautiful today!!

I brought all the succulents outside,
threw open all the windows,
thrust my hands in the dirt and weeded the flower beds,
then played some guitar and sang my heart out,
and then the scent of fresh grass called my name from somewhere down the road.
so i went out and mowed the lawn-
the whoooole lawn, which is very large, and it felt so good...
and swooned at my dogs rubbing their backs in the freshly cut grass,
noses quivering at all the new smells floating through
on each breeze.

It was beautiful.

and as i was about done, my favorite yard inhabitants, the peregrine falcon couple
made an appearance with their offspirng.
they danced and played above my head making these amazing
loud pitched sounds, similar to a dogs squeaky toy.
and then one of them, i'd like to think it's the protective male,
sat in the tree right near their nest for long enough that I could snap a few shots.

and now dinner with great friends...
every gray day has a tomorrow.



  1. Hi Sam...you do make the most out of sunshine, don't you? : ) Love the pics...and we three thank you for joining us! Cat boys love pretty girlfriends. x

  2. i really try!! it makes my moods so much better...
    and i love handsome cat boys!! i have a big orange one myself.


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