Monday, April 25, 2011

Grey (gray)

Today is still a dreary grey day and not just because of the color outside.
It just feels like today is yearning for something 
other than what it already has. 
It feels like it needs.

So I am throwing everything I have at it.

I am having a huge cup of the best new tea I have been introduced too:
Honey Vanilla Chamomile.
I had no idea that Chamomile could get any better, but it has.
 It tastes like a warm hug from grandma after baking
biscuits from scratch and learning how to tell time.
And it's in my favorite mug that i got from this wonderful artist
which is big enough to hold two full cups at once!

I am listening to what has become my Spring soundtrack:
They scoop me up and wrap around me with this familiarness
that reminds me of London in the Spring.
A similiar Grey.

I have been writing again too.  I was an avid poet when i was younger.
Scribbling on anything i could get a pen to press to.
Bathroom walls, front porches, wooden tables, thighs.
sometimes paper.
Mostly not.
then somewhere in there i bought a guitar and tried and tried
and tired of it and it of me
until one day i actually had something to tell it
something that i wanted it to say
and i began writing songs.
And some of them were good.
The first time i went to Costa Rica, many years ago,
i wrote one of my favorite songs called Around Again.
My style has changed a lot since then, but  the most important thing to me now
as i dive in again
is that

In keeping on with the theme of grey
here are some more of my costa rica pictures in
grey (gray)

I hope your day is beautiful no matter what color it may be.
even grey can be beautiful



  1. Mine started grey but turned sunny but regardless I am indoors working as fast as I can and checking random blogs in between. Love the encrusted anemone on rocks...makes me want to be laying there feeling it. Have a great day even if it is grey : )

  2. well wouldn't you know.. the sun came out for just a bit and it was fantastic. hoping for more tomorrow! xo

  3. I found a fairy princess under the water...2nd to last's my favorite.♥

  4. YAY! how wonderful!! i spent hours gazing into all the little pools that collect between the rocks at low tide. there are so many fabulous little creatures down there just coexisting with whatever mama nature throws at them. there was one trove between the rocks that had hermit crabs trading shells back and forth for what must have been 100 feet. magnificent to watch.


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