Friday, April 29, 2011

gadgets and doodads

I love going to my local antique store.  They can always appease 
my love for boxes of any kind.  Ones with lids, ones with metal
framing, ones with the old weathered labels still attached boasting
fruits, or milk, or blocks of cheese.
The ones with carvings and the ones that have been painted
over and over to finally crack and peel and reveal years of choices.

But sometimes I discover old things that i want to employ new tricks on.
Like this:

Now, when my jewelers eyes saw it, I saw an old school Rolling Mill
(one of these:)

They are made nice and compact like this for jewelers.
You run metal through the metal rollers and depending on
how tight you have them pressed together, your metal comes out
thinner on the other side. Now, they are used for way more than thinning
metal, but that's the basic idea. I've always wanted one. But they're expensive.
Especially for a really good one.  And they need to be bolted down.

So when I saw this one in the Antique Store, my heart skipped a beat.

But the rollers on this one are made of really hard rubber. So I'm thinking-
maybe it was used in print making? or maybe it was used to wring
the water out of laundry before it was hung to dry?
Maybe it was used to stretch bread dough?
or to scare little kids into behaving or else they would be rolled into paper dolls and
given to a two year old to play with until they could behave?

Anyway, my question is, to all the jewelers out there:
do you think i could use it anyway to impress onto the metal?
like organic materials? or do you think i really need the hard
force of the metal rollers?
any input would be greatly appreciated.  My entire studio is made up
of old wooden drawers and boxes and tables and tools and this would just be so
cool in there, but it's gotta be functional, you know?  I don't have the space
to have things taking up room if they're not usable.

They have so many great tools and bits there.

There was even an old jewelers saw on that wall and some great hand drills.

He loves going for rides with mom.
And he's great company.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Mine is full of friends, music and celebrations!


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