Sunday, March 6, 2011

we all have a process

this was a busy week of shows
and art
and new toys that are somewhere in transit.
I can't wait to play!

and Paragon, i found out while researching some new toys,
is a very popular brand of kilns amongst
jewelers and glass blowers.
so Paragon is out.

But that's ok because i have two other names that i really really like
and i feel much better about them.
I'm designing logos and tag lines for both before i make my final decision.
I really like change.

It suits me.

One of our shows this week was in Providence,  RI at
The Spot Underground.
It was an amazing venue!
Super cool inside and the people who own/run it were just as amazing.

The entire place was filled with local art and
comfortable nooks to get cozy in
and tactile art worthy of touching.
this reminded me of old lace petticoats... it's made from wide woven cheesecloth and price tags on strings.
and it's a lamp. amazing.

ah, old 8 tracks and puffy paint. the stuff sunday afternoons were made of.

she was amazing... such movement. and made completely of metal.

this was my favorite lamp in the whole place.  i got underneath it and put my head as far inside as i could.
yes, yes i am used to getting stared at.

i love the thick layers.

sound check

we stay in hotels a lot. 
and when every room is stale and generic,
even the nice ones,
 i always pay attention when fun patterns present themselves.

this is my socked foot, and my striped duffel bag.

what comes off at night...

i am so over winter.
but i'll miss its beauty.

always on the road.

the city at night. love <3
I have learned that

life truly is a process of becoming more yourself,
and don't believe everything you think.

I hope your days are filled with learning
and feeding your souls
and finding beauty in the awkward moments.



  1. Gorgeous images, yes I think of the kiln company, Nike is out too :) (kidding)

    I hate hotels, motels too.

    The winter shot and jewelry are my favorites.


  2. thanks ro... i love the city shot. i was driving with a friend of mine and we turned down this street and both pulled our cameras out at the same time... we definitely held up traffic for a bit.


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