Thursday, March 31, 2011

thank you

I am honored when one of my pieces sells.
I am touched when someone reaches out to share a compliment of my work.
I am even more humbled when they take the time to add my work to a treasury.
And it humbles me even more, at the amazing number of them that include me.

here are a few from the last week or so.

This one includes my 'Birds on a Wire' Necklace.. i love how she brought the old antique phones in, as well.
see this treasury HERE

the curator of this one left me a message saying "thanks for the inspiration and distraction'... and i know just what she means.. once you start looking, etsy has a way of drawing you into it's pages

see this treasury HERE

a little fungi for you

see this treasury  HERE

and then there's odd ones like this. it's dragon themed. and the ring i made uses dragon skin turquoise. a little bit of a stretch but i like those who think outside the box.
see this treasury  HERE

oh how i love dali. he suits my moods.
see this treasury HERE

not bad for how much time i've spent away from my studio lately.
I have always said that as long as art and music were the top two time-takers in my life
that it didn't matter which order they came in.
but it's nice to have art back on top for a while.
but the music never stops either!

 i went all out in the studio last night.
I love the paisley that i wear these days and i have been wanting to make more
ever since i finished that one.
so i've been collecting and drawing paisleys for months now
and i started a couple more yesterday.
here is a sneak peak at one of them that will be a necklace...
it's just out of it's acid bath from many solderings
and still has more details dying to be added.
the watermelon tourmaline that is sitting on top will be riveted into place
and i'm thinking of adding a couple tube set stones too.




  1. i'm assuming you mean the new paisley?.. just wait til you see the finished piece.. i looove it!! my motto has always been that details make the difference in design. and the details i added really make this piece something special. pictures soon!


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