Wednesday, March 30, 2011

she wears an egyptian ring..

It feels like Spring today
Inside is another story, 
but not one for today.

I spent the morning letting the outside know that i cared.
I pulled weeds and raked leaves.
I re-mulched the flower beds so they have the support they need
in these next few weeks of funny weather.

I added some color and guidance in the form of sculpture
and finally fixed the electric dog fence so that my neighbors don't have
unexpected visitors outside of their windows
yelling for their friends to come out and play.

I took a walk to the pond to check on the Beaver Family.
They are such a conflict for me.  I really wish that we could all live in harmony.
But just one bite of my dogs and...

I am celebrating a birthday soon. 
I think a vacation is in order.
I know i could really use one.
someplace warm.. 
and quiet.
and far.



  1. So green an wonderful. Glad you got out! Happy Birthday.......soon...xo

  2. it's supposed to snow here for the next two days, so i had to jump on this nice day for a head start! nice being 55 degrees, but that's better than 30!


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