Thursday, March 10, 2011

did you know...

... that as of 2008, 
there were sixty seven tagged peregrine falcon couples 
in New York?

I see them as i drive along the interstate
and on several back roads in the Hudson Valley.
Sometimes in flight,
sometimes perched in the trees.
They are amazing.
They are the fastest extant animal. Period.
They reach upwards of 200 mph while in flight.

They were on the endangered list for a long time for the most horrible reason.
yup, "pesticides".
Such a shame.

I think they are magnificent.

On a some what related note but not really...
this little guy showed up outside my garage yesterday.

he is a woodpecker and has his head turned and tucked under his feathers.
I think he flew into the glass window and stunned himself. he let me come right up to him.
so amazing to be that close...

He let me pick him up, which tells me that he was very stunned.
So I put him in a box and then into the garage
to keep the very curious cat and the two playful dogs away from him.
And about an hour later he finally flew away.

I am expecting a large box of silver, new pliers, a tumbler,
some filigree, and a few new toys tomorrow.
I can't wait to play with some new ideas.

until then have a lovely last of winter.
revel in the last of the snow
and enjoy a few more fires.

i know i will.


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