Thursday, February 3, 2011

on the road...

I needed to get away for a few... feel a different climate on my skin, hear a different wind whistlin'. No Etsy updates, studio visits, or deliveries. No deadlines or due dates. Just open road and blue skies, soaring hawks and gas station coffee. 

 There was so much snow the day we left.  And we got on the road just as another storm was moving in. It sure is beautiful though when everything is covered in white, glistening, shiny beauty.

 Open fields covered in icy snow remind me of the ocean on a calm day. Glassy and wrinkled, like old weathered skin.  Winter skies are romantically amazing. Long, wide patches of blue with streaks of bright love. Pinks and oranges so proud of their color rebellion that they shine even brighter.

I find that my mind works differently when it's behind the wheel. My thoughts carry me to forgotten places that don't get visited often... it's easier to commit to the time that it takes to properly flush out a new idea, or build a bracelet step by step, figuring out angles and problems before the torch and the saw even get close. 

I spent my 20's traveling this country and others, and long car rides easily bring me back to those days, with faintly familiar faces dancing thru my visions of younger times. A change of scenery is perfect for sparking my creative fire. It's like rearranging my work space; just seeing things from a different perspective for a while can bring out wonderful changes in my designs. Even color patterns in the sky can evoke certain stone combination's. Or the way the branches fall from the trees and lay like a cocoon for the cold, sleeping ground.

The warmer the weather got, the brighter the skies, the more i couldn't stop yearning for spring. I am a bit biased because my birthday is in april, but i think it would still be my favorite season anyway.

We stopped and saw friends, ate at weird places like Esther's, and listened to music non-stop, but it's good to be back home. There is at least 2 feet of snow on the flat ground. but in some places there is easily a few feet. and icicles everywhere!

I have a project to share with you that i finished last week... art that i make aside from jewelry. It's a style that is dear to me in many ways and deserves a post all of it's own.  
And i believe it's time for a giveaway again.
More on both of those later this week.

I hope you all had a lovely start to your February's and
have a wonderful valentine's day. 
share love everywhere!



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