Monday, February 28, 2011

myriad and beyond...

My business name has been a topic of thought for me over the last few months.
Particularly because I am updating paperwork, 
and switching some legal business things around
and I have the opportunity to change the name of my company.

As hesitant as I am, I have done it before.
I wasn't as far into that name as I am this one though.
And it was still a hobby at that point.

I chose the word myriad because it spoke to my many sides.
It encompassed the spirit of the never ending amount of art forms
that i love to do.

But as far as encompassing everything I now know I want out of a name,
it does not live up completely.
I have also started concentrating a lot more on the jewelry side 
in the last five years.

So I started thing of names,
in case I did decide to switch.
And I think there is one that stands above all the others..
and I would love some input.
par·a·gon  (pr-gn, -gn)  


1. A model of excellence or perfection of a kind; a peerless example: a paragon of virtue.
2. a. An unflawed diamond weighing at least 100 carats.
    b. A very large spherical pearl.
3. Printing A type size of 20 points.
tr.v. par·a·goned, par·a·gon·ing, par·a·gons
1. To compare; parallel.
2. To equal; match.

noun. model, standard, pattern, ideal, criterion, norm, jewel, masterpiece, prototype, paradigm, archetype, exemplar, nonpareil, best or greatest thing since sliced bread (informal) 

What do you think?
Any thoughts on changing your business name mid-stream?



  1. It sounds good to me but I know it's hard to change once you've already started.

  2. i know... i'm so torn on the topic. and time is winding down... i'm usually great at making decisions, quickly even. but this is so permanent. hmm.


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