Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm so glad to have music in my life in such a huge capacity.
As an artist, as a musician, as a singer,
as an audience member, as a huge fan,
as a critic, as a hater.
But there is nothing like recording in a studio
and I can't wait until this EP is ready to listen to!



the swamp across the street is so tempting in the winter.
I want to go traipsing out in it 
convinced that it will hold me on it's frozen bed
of winter swamp,
safe from plunging down 
into it's green gooey murkiness,
safe from sinking down to the coldness
where the frogs live and probably a swamp thang or two,
 but then i'm like,
but what if it doesn't?
so pictures it is.


::: he just gets to visit:::

Even though he's 13 years old,
 I so have puppy fever.


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