Friday, February 25, 2011

i love new old stuff

I saw this amazing piece in a local antiques barn and i bought it immediately.
It is so perfect for holding sheets of silver and spools of wire
and long silver tubes and sanding papers
and bezel wires and oh my.
It is so fantastic I can't even tell you... 
so I might as well just show you.

It came from the local post office and the drawers get bigger as they go down.

The paper tags were old and worn with handwriting that reminds me of my grandmother.
I flipped the tags over and made my own lables for each drawer.

The drawers are incredibly deep and the separators pull out to make the drawer space longer.

My cabochon box is like like a mini-me of the new silver drawers... and they fit right on top.

I love a full drawer of turquoise.

and they are easily reached from my fabrication table...

which got a nice face lift from the new piece being introduced... 

so magnificent!

I love new old stuff.
It just feels good...
and it's built to last so it's ok to get attached to it.

love. love. love.


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