Wednesday, February 23, 2011

belly up

I love working with photographs and have developed many ways 
to feature them.
One of which I was hired to do last month and I took some 
before, during, and after pictures.

Step one: sand down entire bartop.
::sanded bartop::
Step two: Arrange the clients photos and glue them down.
Step Three:  Tape off edges and wrap plastic drop cloth around exposed wood.

Step four: spend hours and hours applying an amazing finish

Step five: constantly check under dust cover for dust. remove dust particles and hair from their cats.
Step six: remove dust cover and enjoy your new smooth, glossy, customized, easy to clean, bar top.
I've done this particular style of photo art on many many surfaces.
Bar tops are great but with their tremendous size it does take a few days.
Fortunately, I did this one at my folks house so there were 
home cooked meals involved.
Fantastic bonus.


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