Thursday, January 27, 2011

Live the life you love...

i have been busy re-building our bands website
over the last few weeks.
you can see what i've done here.

and although i am very proud of the new website, 
this is what i really wanted to share...
my first video!

it documents our bands last tour in sept/october.
we went from Boston to Philly 
and many, many places in between.
All of the photography is mine,
and our dear friend Sam shot most the footage.

it's 10 minutes long, so grab a cup of tea
or coffee, 
sit back,
turn up the volume
and enjoy!


ps:  blogger still wont let me log in to make comments, 
but it will let me post new blog posts. weird. 
and i have NO idea how to fix it. 
any help out there would be greatly appreciated!

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